TYPEFAST123 - a fully interactive Internet touch typing course

TYPEFAST123 is a touch typing course that uses advanced multimedia technologies. The course teaches and entertains at the same time, which makes memorizing and learning easy and fun as well as guarantees long-lasting effects.

The TypeFast123 course is exceptional because it:

  • contains films with special 3D effects
  • contains exercises using an advanced application made especially for touch typing,
  • contains comprehensive and attractive information - interactive photolessons and multimedia exercises,
  • strengthens newly gained knowledge by doing fun and interesting games,
  • is focused on the most important aspects of touch typing which will result in quick progress.

What are the benefits of taking part in the TYPEFAST123 course?

  • Reaching your goal. You will learn to type even three times faster than you do now. Thanks to this you will be able to significantly increase the effectiveness of your work and save time that you can spend on things you really enjoy doing!
  • Learning how to organize your work and create optimum, ergonomic conditions, that will make working on a computer easier and more pleasant
  • Finding out which factors increase your motivation for regularly doing the course
  • Improving your concentration
  • learning how to rest effectively, which results in increasing the quality of your intellectual work
  • Receiving a special program designed for exercising touch typing skills.
  • Receiving a confirmation of the gained skills. You will get a certificate confirming the speed of typing that you have achieved.
  • Learning to touch type has never been this pleasant!
  • The course will entertain you and allow you to gain new and valuable skills at the same time.

Learing how to touch type has never been so easy!